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BioSec Loading Systems

BioSec is the only company globally that can offer four different Loading System solutions:

  • Traditional screw-driven live bottom discharge
  • Rotary bin discharge
  • Sliding frame discharge
  • Direct gravity discharge

BioSec's dewatered sludge storage solutions offer the flexibility in meeting various application requirements and providing the most cost-effective solutions on the market today. Operators demand reliable equipment, low maintenance costs and after-market support and service.

The system shown at right incorporates conveyors, storage hoppers, discharge gates, hydraulic power units, load cells, controls and necessary software to interface with the overall plant control system.

  • Utilizes the force of gravity over mechanical methods to initiate product flow
  • Low capital cost
  • Standard and custom designs available
  • Automatic or manual controls
  • Accurate loading
  • Overfill and spillage eliminated

Innovative design, extremely rugged construction and single-source responsibility ensures optimum performance is maintained over the long term. We guarantee that a BioSec System meets these needs.